My Story

Hi, I'm Nikky.

I began my career in business management in the private sector before completely changing track and moving into the public sector. I then took the leap into determining my own life through self- employment as a workshop leader and confidence coach.

Having found coaching so empowering and exciting I took the decision to focus in this area of help and support. However, having acquired many therapeutic skills over the years I utilise these in my coaching to bring added depth to my work.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, a Diploma in Counselling and am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.

For over 20 years I have been supporting a vast range of people to make positive changes in their lives. I have worked with the most vulnerable in society -offenders, victims, those trying to rebuild their lives after trauma to others who just need help in building confidence,  right through the spectrum to those in the business sector who want to advance their careers but lack the confidence to do so.

People are people and regardless of the problem we all want the same thing - to be happy and fulfilled!

I have been All of those things in the past!

My approach is warm, empathic and caring but professional, dedicated and focused.

I don’t judge and I am here to help. I invest totally in all of my clients, giving them the time and space to come up with their own solutions.

My job as your coach is to empower you to make the changes that suit you and no-one else!


Nikky has invested time in both my personal and professional development. Nikky encourages me to be the best I can be, to step out of my comfort zone and take the leap! Nikky challenges me to move forward and embrace opportunities whilst providing reassurance to enable me to let go of self-doubt.​

Sarah G

I was worried about having coaching initially and wasn’t sure how it could help. Nikky is warm and funny but equally professional and dedicated – she knows her stuff!! With Nikky I always felt like I was in safe hands. I can’t thank her enough for the positive changes she has helped me to make.

Jamie T

My sessions with Nikky enabled me to remove my own psychological barriers which were preventing me from reaching my true potential. I would recommend  confidence coaching with Nikky if you  ever start to question your own ability as she will support you in overcoming any anxieties you may be experiencing.

Alison S

I have found Nikky’s coaching sessions to be exceptionally helpful. Nikky has a wonderful approach during the sessions, and I always feel at ease to share work related and personal experiences with her. Nikky has been guiding me through my career progression and always takes time to gather and send relevant information that she feels would be of use to me. Nikky’s positive attitude is catching, and I always leave the coaching sessions feeling motivated and wanting to learn more. I have learnt so much from Nikky’s method of coaching and these are skills that I would like to adopt should I take on a management role. Nikky is so supportive and I feel she has adapted the coaching sessions to suit my learning styles. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by Nikky. She is great!

Nathalie A

I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for your continued support via our coaching sessions. I am finding them incredibly insightful and rewarding and have really been able to reflect on and ‘fine tune’ what I believe to be my main skill set.

The opportunity to meet with you during these sessions has also allowed me to refocus my energy on what I have control to change rather than being stuck in what I can’t and allowing this at times, to impact on my own well-being.

Thank you again for your time and support

Sarah M

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